A Little Spring Cleaning:

Being clean is healthy. We all know that. Whether it’s cleaning up your house, your yard, taking care of the environment and your local community, the more we clean up, hopefully, the healthier we get. When we clean up and get rid of things we don’t need, we make ourselves healthier and we help others get healthy.

So we all have stuff lying around that we could probably do without; some of it more valuable than other items depending on who you are and what’s valuable to you. There are a few standard times during the year that we try to clean things up and one of them is springtime. The snow has melted and some people realize there may be items in their yard or a car in the driveway or elsewhere on their property they don’t need. Well it’s time to get rid of it and we know just what you can do with it. Donate it to Special Olympics Massachusetts.

When you donate your car in Massachusetts to Special Olympics, you are doing a number of great things. First, you are actually doing yourself a favor because you’re getting rid of something you have no use for; an unwanted car. Now that car could be in rough shape, or it could be great working condition and you just have no use for it right now. Recycle for Gold takes both. When you donate that car to Special Olympics Massachusetts, you are helping people with intellectual disabilities get healthier because you are directly supporting the sports competition and training programs that the organization offers. The more we participate in sports, the healthier we get…

When you donate your car in Massachusetts to the Recycle for Gold program, you have the comfort of knowing that all the fluids and other potentially hazardous items from the car are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The partner of the program, Millis Industries takes great acre to make sure all the fluids and anything else that can be recycled, handled properly. So along with cleaning your yard, helping Special Olympics athletes get healthier, you are helping the environment be disposing of your car in the best way possible. A feel-good effort all around…


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