One more to brag about;

Well another Summer Games gone by. We prep over six months out of the year for this three-day event. It goes by so fast that many of the staff, athletes, volunteers and anyone else involved have to say, wow, it’s all over. It’s a shame because many people in the SOMA family wait all year long for this event held at Harvard University. But the memories live on each year and before you know it, we right back at BU and Harvard doing it all over again.

There are some very amazing stories that come out of each and every event. More than you’ll ever know. Each one of our athletes could inspire you with their courage, their stories of growing up and what they may have had to go through to get to this point and the parents say it best. NESN came out and did a wonderful job at telling the Special Olympics story this past weekend and there were parents that told the reporter that they owe their lives to Special Olympics.

They say pictures tell 1,000 words so here’s the video from NESN:


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