Corporate World Honors SOMA Volunteer:

Special Olympics Massachusetts has well over 10,000 volunteers. Some volunteer one day a year while others coach or put a tremendous effort behind management and promoting a major event. We’ve honored many of these dedicated individuals over the years at our events and through our Hall of Fame. And as we always say and truly mean, Special Olympics would not survive without the time and resources volunteers provide the organization and the athletes.

Eric Spindt is one of those volunteers. Eric has not only served as a Special Olympics coach for many years but he has also been on the team that has spearheaded on of the most unique fundraising events that support SOMA. BioBall was created by a group of Special Olympics volunteers about five years ago. Bio-Ball is a one day basketball tournament involving 16 local biotech and pharma companies and 16 Special Olympics basketball teams. Their tagline is, “The promise of a better tomorrow”… Something both the biotech community and Special Olympics can rally around and a common theme. Eric was recently recognized for his efforts on behalf of Special Olympics athletes in Massachusetts.

MetLife Foundation announced that Eric was the recipient of a 2009 MetLife Volunteer Service award, in recognition of his work with Special Olympics Massachusetts. To recognize the achievement, MetLife Foundation will be making a grant of $2,500.00 to Special Olympics Massachusetts.

“I would like to congratulate Eric Spindt for receiving this award,” said Dennis White, president and CEO of MetLife Foundation. “Through his volunteer work, Eric has truly made a difference in his community.” 

Eric has been employed with Strategic Financial Partners, an agency of New England Financial, and a MetLife Company for five years as a Managing Associate. 

Special Olympics Massachusetts truly values all that Eric and the entire BioBall team has brought to our organization. Together, they have helped raise more than $310,000. To learn more about BioBall log on to SOMA Volunteer Eric Spindt


One thought on “Corporate World Honors SOMA Volunteer:

  1. Congratulations to Eric. Volunteers like him make the Special Olympics work. Keep up the great work. And for a little added inspiration, I encourage you to check out this video — — it’s the story of one man, a longtime Special Olympics worker, who experienced an “aha moment” with his own child born with Down Syndrome. I think you’ll find it inspirational.

    Thanks and again, congratulations.

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