Recipe for Success – SOMA

A recipe for success – Special Olympics Massachusetts
As I was making the first of many blueberry cakes that I’ll bake this summer, I was thinking about the busy weekend our Special Olympic Athletes will have with their Bocce Assessment in Springfield today and at their Golf Assessment in Oxford tomorrow. It sounds as if the rain will fall tonight for a change, allowing both of our competitions to take place. Let’s hope so, the athletes have trained hard and are so looking forward to competing!
I was asked if I would contribute a few words from now and then, to share with you a little about our experiences in Special Olympics Massachusetts (SOMA).
Approximately 15 years ago Special Olympics found us, just as the tough Middle School years were upon us and being “different” at that age was not going to be easy. We heard that Special Olympic Soccer sign ups were a few weeks away and I remember that we were first in line. The rest is history as he has competed in Special Olympics competitions year round for the past 15 years. I hope you picked up on the ”year round competition” as many folks think of SOMA as a single track and field event which takes place in the summer. There are actually 26 sports offered to our athletes here in Massachusetts. My son has competed in soccer, skiing, basketball, track and field, softball, sailing and golf. Some of the additional sports offered are power lifting, equestrian, roller/ ice skating, tennis, and aquatics.
As I said, SOMA found us and our lives are forever changed. Through volunteering in a number of different positions in the organization over the years I have met some incredible people and athletes. No one knows better what a family with a child with intellectual disabilities goes through than another family living your story. No one knows the difficulties your athlete experiences better than another athlete. I’m astounded at the number of volunteers that help the dedicated staff at SOMA hold 126 competitions throughout the year and I will never take for granted the dedication and commitment the SOMA staff has for my athlete and the 11,368 additional athletes in Massachusetts.
Although not my blueberry cake recipe, here are the Ingredients for A True Recipe for Success:
Take one person with intellectual disabilities looking to join the:
11,639 Athletes and Partners in Massachusetts to participate in the:
26 Sports offered in which you can compete in some of the:
126 Competitions scheduled throughout a calendar year, coached by:
1, 642 coaches state wide who are assisted by:
12,343 Total number of volunteers, who help the:
348 Local Programs throughout the state change the lives of our children and family members with intellectual disabilities and of course the dedicated staff of SOMA who day in and day out work tirelessly to ensure that our athletes succeed! Check us out!


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