Two Great Events This Weekend

When many think of Special Olympics, they think of track and field events because that’s what the media focuses on when they come to see us. While it is a big program, it’s not all the organization does. What many do not know is that Special Olympics Massachusetts has 26 sports and year-round competition. What many also are unaware of is that some of these sports are really cool. Take sailing for instance. Did you ever think that individuals with intellectual disabilities would take charge of a sail boat? Well the answer from our perspective is yes, absolutely… But many are unaware of this. If you’re in the mood for a great weekend of sailing, check this event out.

The Rhode Island Sailing Regatta is taking place at the Navy Yard in Newport Rhode Island.  SOMA is sending 12 athletes/partners which is three boats of athletes/partners.  They competed at our state sailing event on August 1 in order to qualify for this event.  The event is two days and will feature teams from all over New England. 

If you’re in the mood for some golf, we have that too! Check this out. SOMA is hosting a golf invitational at Wyckoff Country Club in Holyoke on Saturday, September 19.  The event will feature over 25 golf teams from all over Massachusetts.  It’s a shotgun start at 1pm with a BBQ and awards ceremony after.  The event is being sponsored by the Connecticut section of the PGA and there will be representatives from the PGA at the event to help work as rules officials and course marshals. 

So it’s not just track and field. There’s something for everyone. If you have a couple hours, come on out and cheer these athletes on. They will love to have you…


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