Annual Fall Soccer Event Getting Closer

The blog post below is from the student games management team that helps run the annual fall soccer games. They have been writing about their progress as they get closer to the event. For more on the event, you can log on to:

Only two weeks to go until the big day here on campus! Its seems the campus is sprucing itself up just in time for the big day. All the trees are changing and it really feels like high time for a Special Olympics event. The Heads and Shadows are all hard at work getting ready for the big day as it approaches.  Our next meeting all together is this coming Tuesday, October 27. During the meeting everyone should be giving updates on any progress that their specific venue has made as well as reporting back about any donations that we have received.  Also, we are all looking forward to meeting with our SOMA liaisons to see that everything is going as planned. Hope so!

Fall Games 08This coming weekend at Parents Weekend on campus, a Special Olympics athlete is going to come to be a resource for parents to get to know them and really get a feel for how amazing and truly special, Special Olympics is. Also, the numbers of volunteers on campus is going up every day with people being prompted by all of the colorful posters our wonderful directors made to encourage sign up. We’re looking forward to submitting our press release to the local papers so hopefully we can get the word out about the tournament and get some great spectators as well! I know that everyone here is looking forward to a great day for Special Olympics.

                Hoping for a great next few weeks as we get everything all ready for the tournament!

                                Lindsay Grant ‘10


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