Fall Games, less than one week away…

From the Fall Games Team at Governor’s Academy

The Special Olympics MA Fall Soccer Tournament is less than one week away! All of the committees are working hard to accomplish their goals for making this annual event as successful as possible. We have 335 student volunteers and 25 faculty volunteering. Planning is nearing its end, as the final details of the day are being worked out by every committee. Each venue is getting ready and organizing their plans for the tournament. The Volunteer and Team Registration groups have worked out a new plan for organizing players and volunteers upon arrival. The Olympic Town team is finalizing plans for new games and activities. As a new addition to the Governor’s Academy tournament, Healthy Athletes will be offering free Fit Feet screenings. These screenings are a fun and easy way for athletes to make sure they’re staying healthy while being active.Fall Games

This week marked the conclusion of the donation collection period. Each committee completed their hard work raising money from local shops and businesses as well as private donors. The sponsorship competition definitely helped to motivate students to raise money for a great cause. The Fall Games Team raised $4,835 in donations.

The next Special Olympics meeting will be held on November 3rd, when volunteers will be given their job assignments and will meet with the heads of their venue. All of the heads and shadows are excited to have even more students involved in the planning of the event. Special Olympics spirit will continue on Thursday, November 5th when juniors and seniors will participate in making posters for each team.

As we finish up this final week of planning, everyone is looking forward to welcoming athletes, volunteers and supporters, alike, to the Govs campus on the approaching tournament day.

 Katie Reilly ‘11


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