Day of Special Olympics Mass Fall Games

A wrap up from Ali Grenier of Governor’s Academy who helped run the Special Olympics MA Fall Soccer Tournament;

The day of the Special Olympics Soccer Tournament was an early one for many of us. I, along with my fellow shadows and our heads started the day at the student center at 5:45AM ready to start the eventful day. We got our coffee, got organized, put up signs, and anxiously awaited our guests. It was the day we had been waiting and planning for; we all hoped that everything would go as planned. With just a few bumps and bruises everything turned out great. Over 100 teams joined us to celebrate this great day.

Around 8:30Am teams were lined up on the field and opening ceremonies were held. Watching from the field house, everyone and everything could be seen and it was spectacular. The Newburyport marching band led the teams in, followed by speeches, and then the lighting of the torch. All was just what we had hoped for.

There were smiling faces everywhere from the playing fields, to Olympic town. With many fields set up around campus there were people everywhere. Athletes enjoyed ring toss, craft making, cotton candy and even massages! Between games teams went to fit feet and lounged in the beautiful weather we were lucky to have. The sportsmanship and spirit was everywhere. All of us here at Governor’s can’t wait for next year to be blessed with this great experience and opportunity.

Ali Grenier 11’


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