What Are Special Olympics Athletes Thankful For?

While we take every opportunity to educate the public about the importance of the work at Special Olympics, it makes sense to do it again at a time where everyone is discussing what they are thankful for. You might be surprised what the athletes and their families are thankful for…

I and many of the staff have spent countless hours with athletes and their families and what we hear is far above the sports training and competition you might expect them to be thankful for.

A healthy lifestyle. Did you know individuals with intellectual disabilities are living longer, healthier lives because of their association with Special Olympics? It’s no secret that sports and exercise lead to a healthier lifestyle. It’s no different for people with intellectual disabilities.

Healthy Athletes Initiative: Jumping off the healthy lifestyle, Special Olympics athletes are afforded a great opportunity several times during the year to get access to quality healthcare such as dental and vision screening. Through a partnership with UMass Medical School, those opportunities are soon to increase.

Year-round competition: Athletes are thankful for the amazing amount of athletic opportunities during the year. With 26 sports and four sports seasons, there is always something going on in Special Olympics. It’s not just during the summer and it’s not just track and field.

A place to belong and a place to share: During this time, we are all thankful for family, friends and people who understand us; for people who look out for our best interests and for a place where we can share in our accomplishments and struggles. Special Olympics gives athletes, families, volunteers and others just this place.

But what everyone at Special Olympics Massachusetts are really thankful for is you, the supporter. Whether you volunteer or donate financial resources, all at this organization are thankful that you feel strongly about what our mission is to give back those resources. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all that you do or will do for the athletes of Special Olympics.



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