Unity Cup Welcoming Dinner

Seated are matt Millett (USA), maicon Santana (Brazil), and Pedro Cecena Ruiz (Mexico)

Editors Note: We have great pictures and video to share. However, we are having some technological difficulties in Cape Town. These videos and pictures will be up ASAP!…

Matt Millett and is peers from around the globe were welcomed to South Africa by Tim Shriver, President and CEO of Special Olympics International, as well as many other celebrities including Dikembe Mutombo, Chineese actress Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger – Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of Geisha), at a Welcoming reception. The highlight of the night, however, came in simply meeting Special Olympics athletes and their coaches from every corner of the globe. Actually, the phrase “every corner of the globe” is not accurate, as we know the earth is round, and we are learning at the Unity Cup that we are all one, global family. There are no corners, edges or barriers between ourselves, people from other countries, and people with, as Tim Shriver calls them, “diff-abilities” (he explained that the prefix, “dis” implies something is wrong). Shriver believes that many Special Olympics athletes and others have different abilities, or “diff-abilities”. Still not a perfect term, in my humble opinion, but we are getting there. Any suggestions anyone?

Matt Millett, John Millett, and I were seated at a table at dinner with our new friends Pedro and his coach from Mexico and Maicon Santana and his coach from Brazil. Though we all speak different languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese), we had a blast in broken conversation about NBA basketball, NFL Football and World Soccer History (and you think sports doesn’t bring people together?!). Turns out these Brazillians like Kobe Bryant (we won’t hold that against them) and think Pele is far superior to Diego Maradona in the argument for best soccer player ever (many hand gestures and broken span-glish-uguese were used to explain the ranking hierarchy). The two Mexicans like the San Fransisco 49ers. I then took the opportunity to use hand gestures to explain that Tom Brady is far superior to Peyton Manning, and that Michael Jordan is far superior to Kobe Bryant. It was all good-natured fun with our new friends from around the globe. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that John Millett had four bowls of ice cream after dinner. That is all. Pictures and video to follow. You can see some pictures on our facebook page. Day one ended with great inspiration and excitement for day two.


2 thoughts on “Unity Cup Welcoming Dinner

  1. HI!
    I am appreciated that you post the news on the website.
    I am a big fan of Ziyi Zhang who is the ambassador of Special Olympic.I’ve been waiting for the dinner pics.I hope to see all the pics related Ziyi Zhang.I am eager to know that if the networking there is fixed now?Or you can send Ziyi Zhang’s pics to me.
    Thank you in advance.I’ve waiting for you reply.
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