As you can assume from the lack of updated blogs, things have gotten really busy out here in Lincoln!!  Yesterday (Tuesday), our bocce team won a bronze medal in the team play; their awards were presented by Tim Shriver!  Our bowling team took home bronze, 4th place, 5th place, and 6th place in the individual competition; their team competition is today.  Basketball won a nail-biter against the team from Connecticut, and soccer won two games with shut outs!  Golfer Scott Merrill had a personal best score.  Track and Aquatics start the medal rounds today, as does one of our 2 Powerlifting athletes.  Tennis starts its medal play as well.

Golfers George Kent and Jeffrey Bramley were featured on a Lincoln TV station.  They both said with the cameras running they played the worst golf of their lives; but things improved after the cameras left and they came back to beat their opponents.

Our Aquatics team visited Healthy Athletes yesterday, and many of them received a teeth cleaning.  One athlete even had a filling replaced!  What a great job the HA clinicians are doing!! 

The city of Lincoln couldn’t be more friendly or welcoming!  There are signs all over saying Welcome Athletes or Good Luck.  All the shop owners and restaurant staff ask how things are going and if we’re enjoying ourselves, which we are!

Last night, Clipped Wings (a group of retired United Airlines employees) hosted a reception for families of the athletes; over 1000 people attended.  Tonight is Family Night, where our families take their athletes out on the town after their competition, and the coaches get a well-deserved night off! 

The temperature and humidity got a little better the past couple of days, but Thursday is supposed to be 95 and very humid.  Lincoln gets some pretty strong thunderstorms, but the humidity doesn’t seem to die down afterwards!  That, and the fact that there are no Dunkin Donuts in Nebraska, are the only downsides to this fabulous trip!


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