Governor’s Academy Getting Ready for Soccer

Each year the Students at Governor’s Academy in Byfield, MA help run every aspect of our annual Fall Soccer Tournament. They will document their progress on our blog for the next few weeks.

By Ali Grenier Governor’s Academy Student

This year the planning for Special Olympics Fall Games hosted by The Governor’s Academy is starting off on the right foot. Our meetings have consisted of excellent input followed by great ideas to solve small problems from past years. We have a great team of senior heads working together to make sure this year is just as great, if not better, than the last. Some of the new ideas have revolved around a new way to raise money for the event.

Last year we had planned on having a race, that we sold t-shirts for,  that would honor Timothy P. Shriver. We called it “Strides for Shriver”. Unfortunately this event did not end up occurring because of bad weather conditions but was very successful in raising money. This year we are having a jeans day at school and are selling t-shirts with the slogan “Govs for Shriver”. So far we have sold many more than last year and have been extremely successful. Everyone on campus is getting ready for the event and sign ups are now open with a deadline of October 20th. The energy is growing and we are all very looking forward to the first weekend in November!


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