More From Governor’s Academy on Fall Games

There are less than three weeks left before the Special Olympics soccer tournament takes place at the Governor’s Academy on Sunday, November 7th. Everyone on the Govs Special Olympics management team is working to meet their goals in the hopes of making it a great day for everyone involved. Last week, the juniors who will be shadowing current seniors in preparation for next year’s tournament were chosen and they are now learning the ropes from the senior management leaders.

At our most recent Special Olympics meeting, leaders from each committee updated the entire team on their fundraising efforts and on the work they have been doing since the last meeting. The Public Relations committee has been blogging. Opening Ceremonies has been planning the opening singers and speakers. Music has been compiling a playlist of songs for the day. Out of the goals set by the different groups at the start of the year, one goal that was consistent among all groups was that of raising more money for the event. Leaders from each of the committees have been working on collecting donations from friends, family members and local businesses. Governor’s Academy students have also been contributing to fundraising efforts by donating money in exchange for the opportunity to wear jeans on an upcoming school-wide “Jeans Day” on November 6th.

Jen Basow and Skylar Frisch, the students who are the heads of this year’s tournament, have been working diligently to make the tournament a fun event for the entire school. Presently, in addition to the 60 heads and shadows who make up the management team, 190 students and 26 faculty members have signed up to volunteer on the day of the tournament. There are also a number of students who will come from Triton High School to help out. Hoping to match last year’s 330 student volunteers, we are still expecting more volunteers to sign up before the end of the week.

All in all, the management team is making great progress toward finalizing plans for the upcoming event and both students and faculty members are excited for what promises to be yet another memorable Special Olympics Tournament day.


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