Let’s Make 2011 A Great Year For Christopher Drewniak

Christopher Drewniak

Christopher Drewniak enjoys life. Although he has a few unique speed bumps to overcome on a daily basis, he faces them with courage and determination. Christopher is an athlete with Special Olympics and he credits the organization with helping him gain confidence and a healthier lifestyle; elements which aid him in enjoying every aspect of his life each day. In his time with Special Olympics, Christopher has become accomplished in basketball, bocce, bowling, golf and soccer. He recently competed in bocce at the 2010 National Games. Although he has won hundreds of ribbons and medals in his disciplines, the strength and conviction he has gained in his overall well being is immeasurable.

Christopher applies the dedication and drive he has developed as an athlete to all aspects of his life. In his hometown of Ludlow, he attends the local high school. He exhibits discipline in his studies and was recognized as ‘student of the week’ his freshman and sophomore years. Since joining Special Olympics, Christopher has gained athletic talents, developed a social life with countless friends, had the ability to travel and is fit and healthy due to the free screenings the organization offers at competitions.

Christopher is grateful for moments where he is able to demonstrate what he can accomplish not only in sports competitions but also in daily life and for the ability to be included with his peers. He looks forward to growing healthier physically and mentally for many more years into the future as a Special Olympics athlete.

To help fund sports programs and health screenings for athletes like Jason this holiday season, please click on the graphic below to make a donation.



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