Jason Dore Looks Forward to Another Great Year

Jason Dore

Jason Dore is proud to be an accomplished, veteran athlete. Jason has enjoyed a lengthy career in sports; playing and competing longer than most professional athletes. For over 26-years he has been part of Special Olympics and has dedicated countless hours to work-outs and competitions. In his many years as a competitor, Jason has developed talents in: aquatics, basketball, bocce, bowling, softball and volleyball. However Jason’s exceptional skills on the soccer field earned him a spot on Team USA to attend the 2010 National Games in Nebraska last summer. It was an experience he thoroughly enjoyed and the chance of a lifetime for Jason.

As a Special Olympics athlete, Jason has developed self confidence that carries over into every goal he sets out to accomplish. The exhilaration he experiences after a successful competition gives him the gusto to accomplish tasks in step with his peers. His hard work and dedication to his aspirations have aided him in graduating from high school in Holden and obtaining a job. He has been recognized for his outstanding work ethic and achievements with an achievement award in high school, the Val Kasparzak award for sportsmanship and an Employee Recognition Award from Memorial Hospital.

Through sports, Jason has discovered a vehicle to inclusion and as well as a healthier and happier life. He is proud of all his accomplishments on and off the field and looks forward to many, many more years of training and competing.

Help fund sports training and competitions for athletes like Jason this holiday season.



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