Paula Chace Will Have a Another Year Of Sports Thanks To You

Paula Chace

Paula Chace enjoys training to become a better bowler. She looks forward to winning competitions by expertly knocking pins down. Although Paula may be aware of her talents at the bowling alley, she may not realize that her abilities as an athlete and in all other aspects of her life are what really knock people over.

Being part of the organization has greatly enhanced all aspects of Paula’s life and has opened many doors for her. Last summer Paula earned the opportunity to take a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska to compete at the 2010 National Games with 60 additional Special Olympics athletes from Massachusetts. She had a wonderful time traveling, competing and meeting new friends during the experience.

Since joining Special Olympics Paula has not only become physically stronger but she has also grown stronger mentally with increased self-esteem and self-awareness. She looks forward to competitions to not only display her incredible talents but she also enjoys seeing and socializing with other athletes as well as to taking part in the free health screenings. Her physical fitness and improved health have given her confidence to get a job as a bagger at a grocery store in her hometown of Swansea. She is a hard worker who is bubbly and vivacious with customers and other employees.

Paula’s involvement with Special Olympics has given her the tools and confidence to confront challenges head-on. Paula is grateful to be an athlete and to have experiences to compete, stay healthy and meet new people. She looks forward to competing for many more years into the future.

Help fund sports training and competitions for athletes like Paula by making a year-end donation.


One thought on “Paula Chace Will Have a Another Year Of Sports Thanks To You

  1. I had the extreme pleasure of being Paula’s bowling coach
    for the national games. While she is a very quiet person, she is an
    excellent bowler and so considerate of all around her.

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