Scott Merrill Is Looking For Another Great Year With Special Olympics

Scott Merrill

Scott Merrill has been part of Special Olympics for over 15-years and in this time he has developed drive and dedication in bowling and golf. As an athlete he works hard to fine-tune his skills in hopes of doing his best in local, state and national competitions.

Last summer, Scott’s talents in golf earned him a spot at the 2010 National Games, an elite competition that featured over 3,000 additional athletes from across the country. Scott had a chance to demonstrate his abilities on a national stage as well as meet new friends and visit Nebraska, a new place. As a veteran athlete, it was truly a highlight of his career.

Experiencing success on the links and in the bowling alley has made Scott a more confident and independent individual as well as an outstanding citizen in his hometown of Scituate. When he is not out on the golf course or at the local lanes, Scott can be found working as a bagger at a grocery store. He enjoys this experience because it gives him a chance to demonstrate that he is a hard worker while also meeting new people or seeing familiar faces. He is well known on and off the field for his pleasant personality and exceptional work ethic.

Participation in sport has greatly enhanced all aspects of Scott’s life. As a Special Olympics athlete he is thankful to have opportunities that make him healthy, strong, confident, capable and independent. Although Scott has many years of training and competing under his belt, he knows that it is only the beginning and that many more years of sports await him in the future.

Make that year-end donation and help athletes like Scott have a great 2011!



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