A Poem About Our Heros

We were recently sent this poem from a long-time Special Olympics coach and supporter. We thought we would share this with all of you.

Uncommon Heroes

by Jann Miller, June 2002

It is easy to imagine the beauty In each face that might have been

It is easy to see a glimpse of a family tie You can see the image of a mother or dad In a shadow on their face You can tell it is their child, but not really.

It’s easy to imagine how solemn Their life might be, thinking how sad 

And then you see them dance.

Twirling, spinning to the music

They either hear like me,

Or hear it in their mind.

And you see them smile.

Singing the words they may know,Or making them up as they go.

Whichever it is, it is a song of joy

If their limbs are silent, Their faces dance alone

They don’t try to be better Than anyone else,

They just try to be better for themselves.

Each face bears the mark of a hero, Every step a miracle of its own

And we watch them dance And we see their joy

And we see the uncommon hero. 

There’s a spirit in every soul Whether quiet or loud

That spirit comes alive when they win,Or when they don’t

And we feel so proud for them But not nearly as proud as they

Feel for themselves.

Proudly displaying the medals they’ve won A very proud hero with a tale to tell Of a battle won not just today But every day One step at a time One breath at a time One dance at a time A song in their heart

 The uncommon hero.


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