BioBall: Basketball for Healthier, Happier Lives

This past Saturday, Special Olympics Massachusetts (SOMA) teamed up with various companies within and associated with the Biotechnology field for “BioBall”, an annual fundraising basketball tournament. The event, in which 16 SOMA basketball teams are paired with teams from 16 different Biotech companies in games as well as basketball skills competitions, raised over $90,000. We interviewed many people associated with the event, including athletes and company representatives. Take a look! (Note: We’ll eventually edit these videos together but we wanted to make these clips available as soona s possible so feel free to view what you’d like)

Here is Gregg Beloff, lead organizer of the event, and all-around great guy:

We talked to a Special Olympics athlete from Boston, Marie, after she hit a half-court shot during the skills competition:

You know you can’t do an event of this magnitude without a GREAT Presenting Sponsor! Here is Brian Connelley from Faber Daeufer & Rosenberg PC:

One of the leaders of the Biotech Field in Massachusetts is Bob Coughlin, CEO of Massachusetts Biotechnology Council:

The best move we saw all day was a ridiculous behind-the-back dribble and lay-up by SOMA athlete Jeffrey Jefferson, who only has use of one arm. While we didn’t get the move on video, trust us, it was sick. We did ask Jeffrey about it:

One of the coolest parts of the event is the “CEO Free Throw”, which happens during Opening ceremonies of the event. The CEO or a high-ranking official from each company shoots 3 free throws in front of the thousand-or-so people at the event. Let’s just say there are more misses than makes. That said, Nick Leschly, CEO of Bluebird Bio, didn’t do so bad:

David Shenkein, CEO of Agios Pharmaceuticals, actually fared the best in the “CEO Free Throw”, and he was excited that his employees had a great team-building experience while helping a great cause:

Teamwork is the essence of Special Olympics. One GREAT team that participates year-round in a variety of sports is Team Milford. Here are some of their awesome athletes:

Another great group of athletes comes from the North Shore Jazz. They just love ballin (or should we say, “Bio-ballin”?):

As we stated above, in BioBall, a Biotech company teams up with a Special Olympics program. Here we talk to Special Olympics coach Kelli Hyland and Bill Slichenmyer, Chief Medical officer at Aveo Pharmaceuticals:

Mark, The “Ice Man”, may not have made this particular shot, but he was having a good time nonetheless:

Connor and Scott were in it to win it:

Last but certainly not least, we talked to our good friend Joe Farmer, General Counsel at AMAG Pharmaceuticals (Joe, we only put you last here because we know you are a good friend of SOMA regardless!):

As you can see from the above videos, the biotech field and Special Olympics have a lot in common. We are all working together for healthier happier lives.


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