Light It Up Blue

Tomorrow marks World Autism Day. Every April 2 since the year 2007, the world has recognized this date as a day to keep individuals with autism in their thoughts. While there are many different degrees of autism, the need to understand this is still very much on the minds of parents and family members around the world.

As we know the cause of autism is a highly debated issue but the resources that are available for individuals with autism are growing.  Whether they are in the school systems, private programs such as speech therapy and ones that help with social skills and even Special Olympics.  But as they say, there’s still a long way to go.

It’s been pointed out to us on several occasions that many are unaware that Special Olympics programs are also provided for individuals with autism. The programs which involve over 25 different sports can help in more ways than we can count including providing people with an important social aspect to their lives. With an incredible amount of family support that goes along with a relationship with Special Olympics, the organization can be a great place for an individual with autism to grow and in some cases shine.

There are many success stories in Special Olympics including those athletes who just happen to have autism. One such athlete is Tyler Lagasse who was featured on the Golf Channel a few months back. We invite you to watch the video and see just what an athlete with autism can do.


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