Greg Kulicki 2011 Boston Marathon Team SOMA

Training for a marathon requires runners to dig deep to find their motivation, especially on cold, snowy winter days. Greg Kulicki from Sandown NH stays motivated in his running by participating in fundraising races. This year, he is especially dedicated in his training as he prepares to run the 115th Boston Marathon for the seven-member team representing Special Olympics Massachusetts. For over a decade Kulicki ran on and off but became dedicated to the sport in 2005 in order to run in races dedicated to funding worthy causes. He made his fundraising debut in the 2008 Half at the Hampton’s race to raise money for his mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kulicki ran in the prestigious Boston Marathon for the first time last year and although he is excited to race this year he admits that training has been challenging. In addition to facing brutal winter conditions, he has two young children and making time to train can be difficult to schedule. On challenging practice days, Kulicki was motivated through memories of Chris Barnes, son to a close friend, who had Down syndrome and passed away in 2009 after a battle with leukemia. He would think of all Chris endured through chemotherapy with an amazing attitude and found the energy to push forward on his tough training days.

Kulicki will keep a strong pace as his travels past historic Boston landmarks on his way to the Boston Marathon finish line. He is proud to be a member of the elite Team SOMA and will have thoughts of Chris in his mind along with memories of his aunt who has Down syndrome to inspire him as he runs. Kulicki invites all Sandown residents to visit to provide support and help him reach his fundraising goal.


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