Counting Fun; More Apps That Help with Learning and Support SOMA

We introduced you to a couple of Apps for the I-Pad and I-Phone that support learning for 2-4 year-olds and individuals with learning challenges. These apps also support Special Olympics Massachusetts with a donation for each one downloaded. Those Apps, Word Fun and Memory Fun can be downloaded in the App Store or the I-Tunes Store.

Now we introduce you to Counting Fun. This App was just released last week and complements the suite of Apps offered by Felix Educational Apps very nicely. It also supports SOMA with a donation.

Counting Fun is designed to help kids and individuals with learning challenges by giving them the tools to count from 1-10. It’s got great animation and sounds to encourage repetition. All these Apps use fun, frequency, focus and feedback to achieve their goals. These four main attributes help with learning and encourage kids to keep working through their challenges.

I-Pad and I-Phone apps are taking the education arena by storm. With all kinds of application to help not only individuals with special circumstances learn but even adults looking to hone a certain skill, Apps are becoming part of our everyday life.

You can help support Special Olympics Massachusetts by downloading these apps to your I-Pad or I-phone. Whether you’re a parent or even an educator, these apps are changing the way our kids learn.

You can find a direct link to these apps by going to the Felix EDU website at: You can also go to the App Store and search for these apps by Felix Educational Apps and their parent company, Barnes Apps.


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