Janelle Evrard Heading to World Games in June

Janelle Evrard

Some may be unsure as to what individuals with intellectual disabilities may be able to accomplish. Bocce athlete Janelle Evrard from Springfield has always known she can accomplish great things despite having intellectual disabilities and works hard every day to increase her amazing abilities. Evrard joined Special Olympics Massachusetts over a decade ago and since that time she has gone on to win numerous medals in bocce, bowling, track, volleyball and soccer.

Her hard work and dedication in sports has earned her a spot on the Special Olympics Bocce team from Massachusetts who will be part of Team USA at the 2011 World Summer Games in Athens, Greece. Evrard considers this honor to be one of the greatest accomplishments of her entire life. She is excited about the opportunity to travel to this incredible international event June 25-July 4, to meet new friends, to compete against other athletes from around the world, and to demonstrate her bocce talents on the world stage.

Evrard is definitely a multi-talented, multi-sport athlete who has experienced increased confidence due to her success in sports. She is proud of her many medals but also knows being part of Special Olympics has helped her meet new people, has increased her confidence and independence and has helped her reach her dreams. Evrard’s family attends all of her events and gives her the support she needs in athletics and in life where she has her own car and apartment. Being an athlete is an exciting part of Evrard’s life and she is thrilled to demonstrate to the world how being part of Special Olympics makes her happier and healthier. Athens awaits you Janelle!


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