Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day

In Massachusetts, the name Eunice Kennedy Shriver holds special meaning. A Massachusetts native, Mrs. Shriver took to the world stage to advocate for

Eunice Kennedy Shriver

individuals with intellectual disabilities like no one else in our history. She DID change the world and it’s only fitting that here in Massachusetts, the Governor signed into law, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day which will be recognized on Saturday, September 24.

Many people have claimed to change the world but only a handful can actually prove it. Only look at our playing fields, our schools, and our healthcare and see that indeed, we can say she made change. Change for people with intellectual disabilities, change for the people that surround them and change for people who might not understand them.

This Saturday, September 24 is Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day and every third Saturday in September will now be devoted to her and her incredible legacy. Over the next several weeks and of course beyond, Special Olympics athletes and their teammates will train and compete in the sports they love because of the Life’s work of Mrs. Shriver.

The theme for this and for this movement moving forward is “Live Unified, Play Unified.” In order for there to be unity, we must play together, understand each other and help each other become respected in this world and our community.

So we ask, what will you do this week and in the coming weeks to foster a better relationship with someone who might be struggling for acceptance? What will you do to offer a lending hand? What will you do to be a better friend and teammate?

As we come upon the second anniversary of the passing of Mrs. Shiver, ask yourself what are doing to create unity in your community and keep the legacy of Eunice Kennedy Shriver going strong?


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