Students from The Governor’s Academy Getting Ready for Fall Tournament

By Rachel Cabitt:

Each year, students from the Governor’s Academy in Byfield MA help run every aspect of the Fall Soccer Tournament. They will be blogging about their preparations.

Since the beginning of the school year, the Special Olympics Management Team has been working in full force. Katie Rudolph and Alfred Cerrone, the Special Olympics Directors of The Governor’s Academy have been preparing for the event every day after school for the past month. All the committee heads have been communicating and organizing with the directors in order to make the tournament on November 6th the best it can be.

On September 20th, Katie and Alfred kicked off the SOMA Sponsorship Contest. Every year heads and shadows compete against one another to raise the most money for the Special Olympics Fall Tournament. This competition is a great way to motivate members to get in the spirit of Special Olympics and to collect money for a great cause. The committees are divided into teams who will compete against each other. This year, Team 1 is Soccer, Escorts, Rovers, and Soccer Skills; Team 2 is Opening Ceremonies, Awards, Olympic Town, Music, Volunteer Registration, and Public Relations; Team 3 is Registration, Communications, Meals, and Parking; and Team 4 is comprised of only the directors, Katie and Alfred, who are challenging the rest of the teams. So who will win? It is undetermined for now, but the winners will be reported in the near future.

Another way in which the Special Olympics Management Team is raising money is through the Govs for Shriver fundraiser. Govs for Shriver was established in memory of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who started Special Olympics. Each year we have a Jeans Day where students who donate to Govs for Shriver get a t-shirt and are allowed to wear jeans along with their shirt on the Friday before the tournament. This year the fundraiser was a great success and everyone is looking forward to wearing the Govs for Shriver shirts on November 4th.


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