Share the Love

You’ve seen the ads and heard them on the radio. You might even have the jingle stuck in your head. But did you know that Special Olympics has a big part of the Share the Love effort? Subaru is looking to donate up $5 million this year and Special Olympics is one of those charities.

Subaru has chosen five organizations this year to be a part of the Share the Love program. There are a few ways you can help out with this initiative.

If you’re in the market for a new Subaru, buying one will secure a $250 donation to Special Olympics. Once you buy your new Subaru, register your car and the donation will be made.

In addition to the $250 donation per car, Subaru will also be inviting the Facebook community to allocate up to $250,000 in additional support to the five charities participating in the 2011 “Share the Love” event. For each Facebook user vote, Subaru will donate $1 to the user’s charity of choice. You can help by sharing Facebook messages yourself and by “liking” Subaru’s Facebook page and voting for Special Olympics.

So hop on over to the Subaru website at and find out more about how you can and Subaru can help support the sports and health programs of Special Olympics.


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