Marty Plotnick; An athlete and an inspiration

Marty Plotnick is a talented and dedicated Special Olympics athlete who has been focused on his passion for bowling for over three years. His zeal for the sport has driven him to win a bronze and silver medal at the past two Massachusetts Winter Games. Marty is elated by his accomplishments as well as the opportunity to be part of the Bowling Stones, a 10-pin team from Malden. He initially began competing as a Special Olympics athlete roughly 10-years ago in athletics and basketball through the Boston Public Schools School Day Games.

Over time Marty gravitated toward bowling due to an enthusiasm for the sport coupled with an enjoyment for the social atmosphere at the bowling alley. He has become friends with many regulars at the bowling alley where he practices as well and the friendships he has forged with his teammates. Marty and his family frequently go to lunch with other athletes and their families after their weekly training sessions.

Since becoming an athlete, Marty has experienced increased balance and strength. As part of his athletic training, he uses a 15-pound ball in various exercises which has built up additional muscles in his arms, legs and back. Marty’s increased physical strength has definitely given him increased agility which has fostered increased self-awareness and confidence. Although bowling is his favorite sport, Marty still plays basketball on a team at St. Colletta School in Braintree. He has flourished on the court and in the classroom and recently started working at the school’s main campus clothing store in Hanover.

Marty’s parents have turned his participation in Special Olympics into a family affair. They understand the importance of not only supporting their athlete but are also vigilant about supporting Special Olympics. Marty’s mom and dad help raise money for the organization at fundraisers like the Passion Plunge. Marty hopes to attend a National or World Games to further demonstrate his athletic abilities as well as fulfill his enjoyment of traveling and meeting new people.

This holiday season let Marty’s spirit inspire you. Click below to provide a better way of life to those with intellectual disabilities.


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