A Healthier and Happier Kevin Nickerson

During the holidays taking time to exercise and eat properly is difficult and most give in and indulge in the delights of the season. Kevin Nickerson, a Special Olympics athlete for over two years, well understands the lure of tasty temptations and for a couple of years he has been working diligently to eat nutritiously and exercise self discipline with enticing goodies.  Since joining Special Olympics, Kevin has shed over 150 pounds and feels the organization has helped him get on the road to a healthier and happier life. Kevin credits Special Olympics for giving him opportunities to develop a passion for sports and competitions along with health screenings and health education for better nutrition.

Before 2010, Kevin had not played a team sport in decades and was reluctant to join Special Olympics. After a few times on the soccer field and basketball court, Kevin was able to see ‘he still had it’ and become determined to fine-tune his athletic skills. Time and practice dribbling down the court as well as running and kicking the soccer ball helped Kevin see dramatic results in his waist line and his self confidence. His enthusiasm in athletics has also taken him to the Special Olympics Massachusetts’ State Games in both soccer and basketball where he has competed with hundreds of athletes from all across the Commonwealth. In a short time, Kevin has modified his physical and mental self to transform into a healthy, fit athlete who has earned the right to be very proud.

Working out and good nutrition have enabled Kevin to participate in several 5K road races including the Jolly Jaunt; a fundraising event to raise money for Special Olympics. When Kevin is not training or competing he pursues his is a movie and history buff as well as a major sports fan. Kevin is grateful for Special Olympics and for the positive changes it has helped him experience in his life. He appreciates his experiences with the organization and looks forward to a bright future on and off the court.

This holiday season let Kevin’s dedication and spirit inspire you. Click below make a year-end gift and help those with intellectual disabilities live a more fulfilling and healthy life.


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