Did You Get an Auto Insurance Discount for Your Donation?

Through a special discount from Arbella, those who contribute to Special Olympics Massachusetts can save an additional 5% on their auto insurance premium. With this 5% discount, new customers can save 20% or more when they combine home/renter’s and auto coverage. The Special Olympics Discount is available by calling any Arbella agent. To locate an Arbella Agent near you visit www.Arbella.com 

Arbella is a Local Insurer, whose proud partnership with Special Olympics Massachusetts has led to a heartwarming response and a great way for donors to save money on insurance.

Special Olympics Massachusetts selected Harrington Insurance Agency to advise our employees on their insurance needs. To find out how the program is working at Special Olympics Massachusetts or for a price quote, visit…

www.HarringtonSaves.com/SOMA or Call Toll Free (877) 801-7424 (8am-9pm, Mon-Fri).

*Additional discounts apply when both auto policy (10% discount) and home policy (22% discount) are placed with Arbella.  An Arbella Advantage discount (7%) is available in the first year of auto policies to qualified new Arbella customers. Other discounts may apply. Discounts, coverages and rates can change from time to time. Underwriting guidelines apply to policy issuance. Harrington Insurance is a member of the Arbella Insurance Group.


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