Running The Boston Marathon For Chris

When Greg Kulicki’s best friend, had a son he was excited to see how the fatherhood experience would change his friend’s life; he had no idea the impact it would have on his own life. Greg’s friend found out his son, Chris had Down syndrome and got him involved in Special Olympics to provide him with opportunities to develop physically as well as socially and mentally. Over the years, Greg was thrilled to watch Chris grow, develop and overcome incredible obstacles due to his involvement with Special Olympics. Tragically, Chris developed leukemia and although he fought a brave battle, he passed away in 2009. Chris had become like a family member and Greg wanted to find a way to turn his loss into a celebration of this wonderful person’s memory. In 2010, Greg became part of Team SOMA to fundraise for Special Olympics while running the Boston Marathon. The experience was so moving and inspiring Greg is devoted to returning each year. 

Over the holidays when most were rushing to the malls to buy gifts or struggling to put up decorations, Greg was kicking-off intense training for his third Boston Marathon. He is excited to run the historic course again and feels a bit more confident this year as he knows what to expect. Being part of the select, six-member Team SOMA is an honor for Greg due to the personal connection to the organization he feels because of Chris and also due to his aunt who has Down syndrome. He stays motivated to train and push forward on difficult days by thinking of Chris and how he endured chemotherapy with an amazing attitude. Greg also runs in memory of his grandmother who passed away a few days prior to his Boston Marathon race last year.

Training as part of Team SOMA has also helped Greg improve his own life; he feels he is in the best shape the best shape of his life since college.

For over a decade Greg ran on and off but became more focused in his running after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. He began running in fundraising events to raise money for breast cancer awareness as a way to help his mom. Now he is part of Team SOMA, Greg feels resurgence in his running and will remain a loyal member of the choice marathon group to raise money for those with intellectual disabilities. He is proud to run and raise money for an organization that provides opportunities and a better life for those with individual disabilities. Greg invites all residents in his hometown of Sandown, NH to help him reach his fundraising goal by visiting and donating his page at:


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