Running the Boston Marathon For SOMA Cory Mathieson

Cory Mathieson has first-hand experience proving that through will and determination you can accomplish anything you set out to achieve. He proved this to himself by demonstrating he could run the entire Boston Marathon course after being dared by friends. This was an amazing accomplishment for Cory who had an accident that caused him to struggle with running and walking when he was 19-years old. After having his own children, Cory was inspired by their energy to begin running and training which caused him to seek out running races. Now he is entering extreme races that put his physical abilities to the test. The first challenge embark on is officially running the Boston Marathon. 

On April 16th, Cory will make his marathon debut with 25,000 additional runners at the starting line of the Boston Marathon as part of Team SOMA. He will travel the grueling 26.2 mile course from Hopkinton to the Back Bay to run and raise money that provides athletic training and health education for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Cory sought out the chance to run with Team SOMA when a good friend who volunteered for Special Olympics told him about the how athletes with the organization develop drive and determination through sport to overcome incredible obstacles; this really hit home with Cory due to his own personal, physical struggles. He is deeply inspired by Special Olympics athletes as well as his own children to run, stay in shape and take on new challenges.

As a deputy sheriff and on-call firefighter in Merrimac, Cory is no stranger to extraordinary experiences and challenges which could explain why he seeks out adrenaline boosting competitions in his free time. He cannot believe he is running a marathon after struggling to walk some days over the past several years. He aspires to compete in a Tough Mudder competition in May, run the Disney Half Marathon in November and build a Spartan Team for an international obstacle race in the fall. He feels confident in his physical abilities and is driven by his wife, children, friends and coworkers at the Merrimack Fire station and Essex County Sheriff’s Department. He is also grateful for the help of his friends Stephen Dapolito and Shawn Sardina who have assisted him in his training and who have helped him achieve lofty goals in only one year.

Cory wants to be a good example to his kids and Special Olympics athletes. He looks forward to working with the organization for many more years into the future. Cory his Team SOMA members hope to raise $40,000 to support year-round training, competitions, and health-improvements of Special Olympics athletes. He invites all Merrimac residents to visit his fundraising page to help him reach his goal of changing the world for people with disabilities:


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