In his own words – Tyler Lagasse

As Tyler Lagasse has noted before, “In the mythical dictionary of the Special Olympics, there is no such thing as the word limit — it does not exist, we do not believe in limits here.”

Those are more than just words for Lagasse — they are a philosophy. Other words like, athlete, scholar, author and public speaker only begin to scratch the surface of this amazing individual, but don’t take our word for it, here’s Tyler in his own.

Special Olympics athlete Tyler Lagasse.

Hello, my name is Tyler Lagasse. I am 25 years old and I live in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. I have been involved with Special Olympics since 2003 and have participated in basketball, golf, track & field, and alpine skiing. My best and most favorite sport is golf and I have won a gold medal in every Special Olympic state golf tournament since 2006. I also got to travel to Connecticut, Florida, and Nebraska to compete in golf for Special Olympics. At the 2010 Special Olympics USA National Games in Lincoln, Nebraska, I won a silver medal by shooting scores of 79, 78, and 75, with the 75 in the third and final round being my personal low score in 18 holes of golf.

Besides playing golf and participating in other Special Olympics sporting events, I am also a Global Messenger for Special Olympics. A Global Messenger’s main role includes making speeches to certain audiences, spread awareness of Special Olympics, and to share their personal experiences from Special Olympics. For example, one time in April of 2008, I got to make a speech at Harvard University. That speech would later be posted on YouTube. I make several speeches a year with the Global Messenger program, mostly at Special Olympics fundraisers.

I currently attend Middlesex Community College in Lowell, Massachusetts where I am majoring in liberal arts with a concentration in life sciences. My hobbies include skiing and attending UMass-Lowell hockey games in the winter months, golfing and hiking in the non-winter months, and journal writing year-round. Last summer, I finished writing my own autobiography which will be titled “What Do You Say? Autism With Character”.

This book will generally be about how my family and I had to cope with my autism, how I grew up into the man I am, and my accomplishments on the golf course and behind the podium. My book is meant to educate people about the facts and myths of autism, and to inspire people not only in the autism and disabled communities, but all of those who want to be inspired. My mother Deb Lagasse is also the co-author of my autobiography and she will deliver further insight. There is no timetable for my book’s release, but I hope that it will come out sometime this year.


One thought on “In his own words – Tyler Lagasse

  1. Dear Tyler

    I’m Thelma Alvares and I was your teacher at CTDS.I was thrilled to find you!!!!! I’m living in Brazil now, but I’ll be in the USA in December. Do you remember me? Do you remember the music we had in Special Time at CTDS? I would love to read your book. I would love to see you again.



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