For Thomas

“I would like to share my teams story, but not sure how to submit. so here it is”, goes the subject line of an email we received a short while back. While the Jolly Jaunt continues to be an event filled with levity and good cheer, stories like these never cease to inspire. Thank you Theresa.

A while back, my family and I were moving a couple weeks before Christmas and my larger than life younger brother, Thomas was worried how Santa was going to find us in our new house. So he created what he called “Santa Finders” they were colored velvet pipe cleaners that he molded into circles and twists. He gave one to each family member to be hung on our bedroom door knob so Santa could find us.

Thomas passed away 3 years ago and because the Special Olympics was one of the few places he could play sports, compete, be part of a team and feel free of all judgement – we his family and friends walk in the Jolly Jaunt in honor of him, our brother, our angel. I know he is proud of us for raising money for all his special Olympian friends so they may enjoy and treasure the freedom and happiness that the Special Olympics brings to them. Go Team Santa Finders!!!

~Theresa Baird


2 thoughts on “For Thomas

  1. God lived in Thomas and through him we received great joy…. Many thanks to all of you wonderful teams who do so much for our Thomas and his friends.

  2. Thomas is an ANGEL and he is always here watching over all of us, he was one of the best people I have had the privilege of knowing, Miss you Thomas I will have to make sure I make a Santa Finder for Keagan Love you!!!!!

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