Tips for taking the Plunge


We’ll admit it. Jumping into the Atlantic Ocean in February isn’t for the faint of heart. Figuratively speaking, once you get your feet wet, it’s kind of addicting. How else do you account for all the great fundraisers who come back year after year? Once you literally get your feet wet, it’s friggin’ COLD!

Never fear Plunge neophytes! We’ve asked some of our veteran Polar Plunge elite for survival tips to make your first time as enjoyable as possible.   


Some of the folks we plunge with bring bathrobes so its easy for them to dry off and quickly/easily change out of their wet bathing suits. I think this is pretty much well known, but it’s really important to have designated friends and family who are holding your towels and extra clothes in a specific area so you can get changed as quickly and easily as possible. I bring two towels and put one on the ground to stand on once I kick my wet shoes off to avoid becoming a mess with sand. I hope this helps…


The biggest thing I have learned is not to wear flip flops because more often than not they fall off and then you’re left with nothing on your feet! Swim shoes are best! Also, have someone waiting on the sand for you with a blanket rather than trying to make it all the way to the bath house to get your towel/blanket. If I think of anything else I will let you know. I try and block out the actual plunge from my mind 🙂


This is my 13th year. I don’t just run into the water and get my feet wet…I plunge! If you are going to plunge in all the way don’t think about just go until it is deep enough (longer way to go at low tide) and plunge.

Also, I found it best just to wear a bathing suit when I plunge. I do wear a costume every year (part of the fun), but I take it off before I go into the water. Any tee shirts or other clothing makes it colder when you get out.


My only tip is to avoid wearing socks as they’re really hard to get off when you have no feeling in your toes or hands. Also, any kind of footwear that will slide on afterwards is good just so you don’t have to try and [un]tie a knot, etc.

P. Bear:

Dont’ be a wimp, it’s not that cold! No, in all seriousness, have a great time, best of luck with all your fundraising and see you at the beach!


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