Amanda Church – Athlete, Intern, Messenger, Blogger

hof_churchIf you don’t already know Amanda, chances are you will. She wears a lot of hats around Special Olympics Massachusetts, the newest one as a blog contributor. This girl is going places, and frankly, we’re excited to be along for the ride! Here’s a short bio:

Amanda Church is a 26-year-old Special Olympics athlete from Easton Massachusetts who currently competes in basketball, aquatics, and flag football. She’s also is an intern for the Special Olympics South Section Office in Taunton. Amanda is  a Special Olympics Global Messenger who was inducted into the Special Olympics Mass Hall of Fame in September of 2012. Outside of Special Olympics, Amanda works as a clerk for Graeber Davis and Cantwell Law Firm in Quincy. Amanda’s hobbies are spending time with her family and friends and watching sports on TV — she loves March Madness.

Amanda has two older brothers, Todd and Jared. Todd is married and he and his wife Megan have three kids. Rory, Maeve, and Patrick. Amanda loves to spend time with her two nieces and nephew when she gets a chance to go visit them in Chicago. Amanda lives with her dad Jim and mom Jackie, enjoys their company and hopes to grow up to be just like both of them.


2 thoughts on “Amanda Church – Athlete, Intern, Messenger, Blogger

  1. Amanda is a very talented young woman. We have known her for more than twenty of her 26 years and to see her grow into the incredible woman she is has been more than a treat. Jim and Jackie, congratulations. Amanda, keep it up. We are so proud of you.

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