Brave Belaying Ballerino

By Amanda Church (Special Olympics athlete and intern)


Special Olympics South Section Associate Director Cory Zarrella has not only faced his fear once, but twice while going Over The Edge. Cory participated in this big fundraiser last year for the first time and was nervous at first, but challenged himself to do it, and he succeeded.

I asked Cory, “Should people who are afraid of heights try to face their fears at this fundraiser?”  Cory replied by saying, “Trying to face your fears is not easy, but my advice for anyone that participates in Over The Edge next year, or in the near future, is take a deep breath before you start. The fire department volunteers and OTE staff were great. They talk you through the process before you start.” Cory is looking forward to next year’s Over The Edge.

This year, Cory did something that no other person did. Not only did he set a goal of raising $1500.00 and succeeded, to top it off, he wanted to raise the bar, so he agreed that if he reached $2,000 that he would go Over The Edge in a tutu. Sure enough, he reached his goal of $2,000 and went Over The Edge in a pink tutu. I think it takes a brave person to pull that off.

There were a lot of other folks that participated in Over The Edge as well. A couple of folks from different Boston news stations.  Jenny Dell from NESN also participated. Everyone that took part in this awesome fundraiser should be very proud.  Special Olympics is very blessed to have these folks do this for our Special Olympics athletes. We are truly honored to have them be part of an outstanding organization.


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