Parting Ways

From Gail Steele,  North Shore Rovers coach, Special Olympics MA.

Andrew is a 12 year old boy on our team with autism. He is genuinely one of the kindest people I have ever encountered, always concerned with making sure others around him are happy, has a funny sense of humor, and a really positive outlook on life. Melissa is a Swampscott High School senior who has volunteered and been partnered with Andrew for the past two years.

Andrew and Melissa.

Andrew and Melissa.

During the season Melissa told Andrew that she would be going to college next fall and would not be at Rovers again after the season. He took it hard and was very concerned about where she would be, whether she would be happy, what she would be doing, etc… and peppered her with questions. He learned that she was applying early to her favorite school, Providence College.

Soon afterwards, still consumed by concern of Melissa’s happiness, he insisted to his mom that he write a letter to the college. She reluctantly called the admissions office and explained the situation; they were very happy to have Andrew send the letter. Without Melissa’s knowledge, Andrew wrote the letter and sent it off. On the last day of the season, at the state soccer cup at Governor’s Academy, Andrew presented a very emotional Melissa with a framed copy of the letter.

Melissa was accepted to the Providence College class of 2018 a few weeks ago.

Andrew's letter to admissions.

Andrew’s letter to admissions.


2 thoughts on “Parting Ways

  1. omg…. this just made me cry…. Andrew is my neighbor….. and he is a joy to be around….. Thank Andrew for being so loving, caring and mature…. You are not handicapped, we are….. for not seeing the world as you do….. Jan

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