Hip Hip Cards!

Molly is a nine-year-old who had a great time volunteering at this past state Winter Games. She gave out hand-made cards of encouragement to athletes, and apparently being both an entrepreneurial and philanthropic young lady, she decided to sell them as sponsorship from people for a dollar a card. We’ll let Molly take it from here, via her handwritten letter to Special Olympics Massachusetts.   

Dear Special Olympics,

I had so much fun helping out on March 8, 2014. I gave out Hip Hip Cards to athletes. Hip Hip cards have words in the card to incourage [sic] them. There is one in the envelope. I made them and sold them to people. I started off with $1 from my church First Parish UU in Kingston MA. I raisted [sic] the total amount of $231.00. I hope this money will help with the organization. Keep up the good work!!

From, Molly

(age 9)

molly3 molly2 molly1











Thank you so much Molly! 


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