Basketball Bond

As the NCAA basketball tournament closes the books on another wild ride, filled with buzzer beaters and bracket busting upsets, blog contributor Amanda Church reflects on one of her favorite stories of March Madness.    

By Amanda Church

For Local (Mack)

Miya Oliver and her brother Devin Oliver.

Miya Oliver is 15 years old and has Down Syndrome. Miya is a Special Olympics athlete from Dayton Ohio. She participates in Basketball, Soccer, and Track and Field. Basketball is her favorite sport. Miya is a very good basketball player, she even knows a few tricks to keep whoever she is playing with off guard at her Special Olympics basketball games.

Miya Oliver is a inspiration not only to people like her, but to her brother Devin, and to the entire Dayton University Basketball team.

The Dayton Flyers made it to the March Madness Tournament this year. Miya is not only their biggest fan, but also their biggest cheerleader. She even yells at the ref when they make the wrong call. Miya Oliver got an opportunity that I think you can only have once in a lifetime. Miya got to attend a March Madness Game with her mom and dad and got to see her brother face off against some tough teams.

Devin and the Dayton Flyers lost to Florida in the last round. Their season is done but Miya is proud of her brother and her favorite basketball team and will keep inspiring people every day.

As a Special Olympics athlete, I also follow the March Madness Tournament, I think Miya is such an inspiration and I think she and Devin have bright futures ahead of them.


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