William Ashley Connelly – Hall of Fame – Athlete

Hailing from Wakefield, Massachusetts, William “Ash” Connelly has been participating in Special Olympics Massachusetts for the past 25 years. His long athletic career has included basketball, bowling, flag football, floor hockey, golf, softball, swimming and track and field. This October 2nd, Connelly along with a class of athletes, coaches, volunteers, families and sponsors, will be recognized at the 2014 Special Olympics Massachusetts Hall of Fame induction ceremony at The Yawkey Sports Training Center in Marlborough, MA.


Connelly represented the United States at the 1999 Special Olympics World Games in North Carolina and most recently he was a swimmer with Team Massachusetts at the Special Olympics USA Games in New Jersey. Connelly’s combined medal count from World Games and USA Games is two gold, two silver and two bronze.

“Ash is a hard working athlete,” said Ann Marie Dawes, his swimming coach for USA Games. “His level of commitment to this team and his fellow athletes is outstanding. Ash always wants to know about his fellow athletes, if they would be at practice, and if they did not make practice, were they okay. He is eager to help with everything from carrying bags to marking off the heat sheets.”

Wherever he goes, he carries with him an infectious smile and a great personality that rubs off on coaches and teammates alike, and he now has a place of honor in the Special Olympics Massachusetts Hall of Fame.


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