Special Olympics World Games. Athlete HQ: Jenny Harrington

Jenny Harrington is an aquatics athlete from Brookline, MA.

Triumphant JennyPhoto via Bank of America

World Games Highlights/Results:

GOLD in the Medlay Relay

SILVER in the 100-meter freestyle.

SILVER in the 200-meter freestyle

5TH in the 400-meter freestyle

The aquatics competition at World Games is one of endurance and toughness. Jenny showed that and more, racing 8 times over 6 days. She had a tough back-to-back on Day 5 that may have prevented a fourth medal. Overall though, Jenny BROUGHT IT all week and earned a lot of hardware that’ll last a lifetime. We are so incredibly proud of her.

Jenny was also featured in the Los Angeles Daily News!

Here is footage of Jenny racing in the 100-meter freestyle preliminary round (in white hat):

An interview with Jenny at World Games (she discusses meeting First Lady Michelle Obama):

Jenny and her teammates receiving their gold medals!

Jenny on the medal stand:

Jenny (right) and her teammate Amanda Church:

Amanda and Jenny




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