Coach Spotlight: Christin Santiago-Calling

Christin S-CCongratulations to Coach Christin Santiago-Calling: Special Olympics North America 2015 Coach-of-the-Year Finalist!Christin, a SOMA coach since 2006, is among 18 coaches throughout North America selected to receive this honor. Christin was awarded this honor for her dedication, leadership, and commitment to providing quality coaching to every athlete on her team.

Christin has made a positive difference in so many lives and many of her athletes wrote her letters to share how, including Brandon:



Dear Coach,

Thank you for dedicating time and energy coaching me in Special Olympics. You and I did a lot of sports together and I’m very grateful to you as my coach. My favorite quote I learned from you is “us and we, not I and me.” I’ll never forget this quote. My favorite memory with you is when I played football with you last year and I was running with the ball and you said “Go creatine man!” If there was a coach of the year award you’d get it. I also feel honored when you make me captain.


Thank you Christin for all you do for SOMA athletes on and off the field!


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