It will change your life forever

Athlete Spotlight: Camille Howecamille

Hello, my name is Camille, and I’m 18 years old. I am an athlete in Special Olympics. Every year I participate in different sports that Special Olympics offers. During the fall, I play Unified soccer. This was actually the very first sport I have played for Special Olympics. I first played soccer when I was only 8 years old. I saw my two older brothers playing and I wanted to join the fun as well. This is what started my love for Special Olympics, and I am super thankful for that. I still do soccer every fall, and it is just as fun now as it was back then.

During the winter, I do traditional ten pin bowling. This is actually one of my favorite things to do in the winter, since I’m not big on playing in the snow. I don’t do much during the season. Bowling really adds the fun into the winter. Every week starting in December, we go to the bowling alley to practice our bowling skills and it’s so fun! I look forward to practicing every week. What more could I ask for?

My absolute favorite event however, is track and field during the spring. I’m a big fan of running, so the track events are definitely something that I love to look forward to. It’s fun to race against other athletes, even if I don’t run the quickest. The other thing I do in the field is the standing long jump. I also enjoy doing this event as well. Even though I’m not the best at jumping. I don’t focus on that. I focus on having fun in it because that is all that matters.


Camille at the 2015 State Soccer Cup

Special Olympics has given me a lot of new friends that I wouldn’t have met anywhere else in the world. I have also gained more confidence in my abilities through the sports that I do. It’s given me a bigger purpose in life, rather than just holed up in my room doing nothing. I would tell newcomers in Special Olympics that they will gain more confidence in themselves and that they will make many new pals through the sports. Trust me, it will change your life forever. As this is my 10th year doing Special Olympics, I can say proudly that it has changed mine.


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