Meet Boston Marathon Runner Reena Shah

Running the 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon will be a first for Reena Shah, Special Olympics Boston Marathon team member. But technically she’s been in training for the last seven year, having completed five half marathons and countless shorter races over those years. And like many of our team members it is something that’s been on her bucket list since she was a child growing up in the Framingham, MA.

“I grew up watching the Boston Marathon runners on the route in Framingham. I also had the opportunity to volunteer in the medical tent as a physical therapy student years back. That gave me the chance to learn about marathon training stories and the history of some of the runners.” Now, as a marathon runner herself, Reena has put what she learned to good use. Keeping track of her daily/weekly runs in a spreadsheet she heads out for long training runs in this New England winter weather with her fellow team mates to stay motivated. Running for such an important cause also keeps her motivated.

Reena’s connection to Special Olympics Massachusetts began years ago. As a physical therapy student she worked with Special Olympics athletes advising them on how to stay healthy and active. It was then that she realized her values of wellness and lifelong exercise aligned with the Special Olympics mission of providing athletes of all abilities a way to stay healthy throughout their lives. Reena continued her connection with Special Olympics by fundraising for and participating every year in the Boston Jolly Jaunt in December. Now a member of the marathon team Reena’s connection continues. “I am so excited to support Special Olympics as a marathon runner. I live by the rule of putting 110% into everything I do. Even if I fail, I know that I did the best I could.”

Cheers to Reena for putting in 110% to achieve her dream and supporting Special Olympics so our athletes can also achieve their dreams.

Support Reena Shah’s Boston Marathon fundraising efforts TODAY!


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