Meet Boston Marathon Runner Derek McCleary

Resilient, persistent, ambitious and courageous.

These are just a few words that we would use to describe Derek McCleary and his journey to the 2017 Boston Marathon. Derek never thought in a million years that he would be able to run the 26.2 miles that it takes to complete a marathon.

Derek was born and raised a true Bostonian. Growing up in Dorchester, MA, Derek’s inspiration came to him a few years ago when he decided to take a big look at his life. He wanted to work on his health and overall be a better person. Derek wanted to achieve something he never through possible which is what led him to decide to run the Boston Marathon. Derek and his his two children by his side began training for the 2016 Marathon. After a devastating injury just weeks before the marathon, Derek had to drop out and cheer on his children from the sidelines. To most people, this would be hard to get past, but this just made Derek motivated to come back faster, stronger and more ready than ever for the 2017 Boston Marathon. Not only is Derek ready to run, he also has a goal to beat his son’s time.

Getting the chance to run the Boston Marathon for Special Olympics Massachusetts means a lot to Derek. He is a proud employee at TD Bank, which is one of Special Olympics most generous partners. Derek has also spent the last 30 years of his life coaching sports, so he knows firsthand the value that sports can play on someone’s life by helping them build a sense of accomplishment and be part of a team. Derek couldn’t think of a better organization that supports his own values of making a difference through sports.

Please help support Derek in his Boston Marathon fundraising efforts!

Additionally, Derek will be hosting two fundraisers, a comedy night on March 30th and a 5 v 5 soccer tournament on April 9th!


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