Meet Boston Marathon Runner Nick Bennet

The Boston Marathon brings out a unique sense of pride in each person who is a part of it. Nickbennet2Maybe it’s watching the runners cross the finish line and imagining the courage and dedication it took to get there. Maybe it’s racing alongside your fellow athletes as you listen to the crowds cheer on Patriot’s Day. Or maybe it’s the selfless acts of many supporting hundreds of charities and their causes. This is what really makes the Boston Marathon so powerful, the charitable spirit behind it. Nick Bennet knows this better than anyone.

Growing up, Nick and his family would donate to different Boston charities and cheer on their teams as they crossed the Boston Marathon finish line. Now a college student at Vanderbilt University, Nick is ready to take on the challenge of running with the Special Olympics Massachusetts team and continuing the generous work of his family, for a cause that is close to his heart.

Nickbennet“My aunt is a special education teacher. During my summers and school breaks I’d drive to spend the day in her classroom to help out with student activities and studies. I also volunteered to help out with her school’s Special Olympic team events, most recently with their track and field team. I’ve also been assistant coach and practiced with her high school team in unified basketball and unified track.”

“I have had unbelievable opportunities to work with kids and their families through this organization, each time coming away feeling inspired by their courage and determination”

Thank you, Nick, for choosing Special Olympics Massachusetts and allowing us to come along on your Boston Marathon journey!

Support Nick Bennet in his Boston Marathon fundraising efforts TODAY!



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