Meet Boston Marathon Runner Adil Nargolwala

AdilThe Boston Marathon has always drawn an international crowd with over 90 countries represented each year. Athletes come from near and far come to partake in this prestigious race.

How far you ask? For Adil Nargolwala, it’s 7,129 miles. In April, Adil will journey from his home in New Delhi, India to our fine city to run the 2017 Boston Marathon. Now that’s dedication. But this devotion is not a new thing for Adil. He has always strived for greatness, participating in over one hundred half marathons and races worldwide. While that may seem like a great accomplishment to us mere mortals, Adil is about to one up it. He has set a goal of completing all six major world marathons; Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin and New York City.

We here at Special Olympics Massachusetts welcome Adil and support his effort as sets out to achieve the incredible feat. And through all his hard work and training Adil would like to remind us all to “be happy and live life to the fullest.”

Support Adil Nargolwala in his Boston Marathon fundraising efforts TODAY!


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