Meet Boston Marathon Runner Eric Spindt

By Emme Punches,
Special Olympics Massachusetts Events Coordinator

“Watch me!” Two little words uttered by Eric Spindt years ago have taken on a new meaning in the form of 6, going on 7, completed marathons. That’s right, Eric has run 157.2 miles of grueling race course, each step filled with sweat and tears, blisters and bruises and most importantly, perseverance Spinde2and triumph. Eric always had the drive in him, all it took was one of his friends joking he couldn’t run a marathon. His response? “Watch me.”

Eric was first introduced to Special Olympics when his sister was adopted from Korea at 13 months and his family found out she had an intellectual disability. “Special Olympics has been an important part of my life since my sister began participating as an athlete in 1998. The organization has enriched the lives of my entire family and I am so proud to give my time, money and training hours to support such a wonderful organization.”

As a board member and a brother, Eric has been to the world games in Ireland and China and experienced first hand, the importance of Special Olympics in the lives of many like his sister.

We are so proud of Eric and can’t wait to see his hard work and dedication culminate in the ultimate Boston Marathon triumph and for his support of Special Olympics Massachusetts!

Support Eric Spindt in his Boston Marathon fundraising efforts TODAY!


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