Meet Boston Marathon Runner Suzanne Schiavone

By Emme Punches

Special Olympics Massachusetts Events Coordinator

Since beginning track when she was in middle school, Suzanne Schiavone has always had a natural talent for running. It wasn’t until she attended Boston University that she took her running to a whole new level. It was there that she witnessed her first Boston Marathon. “I’ve been watching the marathon since I attended BU. I was inspired and moved emotionally by what as amazing race it is and the great stories that come from the marathon. How people help each other and find their strengths.” During this time is when Suzanne took her running to the next level, completing various 5ks and half marathons. These races led to her to complete her first marathon in Newport, Rhode Island 3 years ago.

Running the Boston Marathon had always been on the back of her mind since watching it her freshman year. The strength that comes from the Boston Marathon and the incredible crowds it draws helped Suzanne realize that she had to run it, and 2017 would be that year. When it came to choosing a charity team, Special Olympics Massachusetts stood out to her. “As a Speech-Language Pathologist who works with children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, I have had the privilege of seeing first-hand the incredible impact Special Olympics can make!”

We are so excited to see Suzanne cross the finish line and help thousands of Special Olympic Athletes!

Support Suzanne in her Boston Marathon fundraising efforts TODAY!


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